Domestic Abuse & Orders for Protection Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Domestic Violence: My spouse is falsely accusing me of domestic violence. Can you help me?

Los Angeles, CA family law attorney Robert W. Eisfelder talks about how he helps clients who have been falsely accused of domestic violence by their spouse.

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People will come to see us and let us know that they are being accused of domestic violence. Sometimes orders are made before we’re even retained. In analyzing a domestic violence situation, it’s a very fact-specific problem. What happened? Why did it happen? Who are the witnesses? Oftentimes there’s police called and there are police reports that are part of the evidence. And initially courts will err on the side of trying to issue a temporary order, and then there will be a hearing, an actual trial where cross-examination becomes important. In preparing for the cross-examination the lawyer really has to know the facts, and the client must be absolutely candid with the lawyer for the lawyer to effectively take on the representation when violence is involved or alleged.

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