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High Profile/Net Worth Divorce: How can I keep the details of my divorce out of the news?

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We try to keep everything that happens in our office private. We do not go to the press. If the press calls us, we decline to comment. We inform the client that our philosophy is to keep everything out of the press. We cannot seal a file in California without very special circumstances, and if anyone tells you a file is easily sealed, that’s not correct. The divorce process is a public record. But what we can do is limit what goes into the court file, and that can be done by agreement between the attorneys and the parties. So we can make it private to the extent that each side agrees that that’s what they want. One side may often go to the press and say something, and our practice is not to comment because we think our clients’ privacy is paramount.

Los Angeles, CA family law attorney Robert W. Eisfelder talks about keeping the details of your divorce out of the news. He explains that we prioritize maintaining strict confidentiality within our office. Our policy is to refrain from engaging with the press or providing comments if approached. We communicate this philosophy to our clients and emphasize the importance of keeping their matters out of the public spotlight. While it is challenging to seal a file in California, as the divorce process is generally a matter of public record, we can work together with the parties and their attorneys to limit the information that becomes part of the court file. By reaching agreements on privacy, we can ensure that sensitive details remain private to the extent desired by both parties. In situations where one side may choose to engage with the press, we maintain our practice of not commenting, as we believe safeguarding our clients’ privacy is of utmost importance.

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