Child Support — Modification of Attorney in Los Angeles, California

Spousal Support: My soon-to-be ex is due to receive a large sum of money. Will this increase my support payments?

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When one spouse has a significantly greater estate than the other I’m often asked how is that gonna affect spousal and child support, and it does because the court looks to the ability of each party to support themselves and their kids. And if one spouse has a significant amount of money that will earn interest, stock options are involved, things like that, the court will factor those intangibles into coming up with a fair proposal as far as support is concerned.

Los Angeles, CA family law attorney Robert W. Eisfelder talks about how an large increase in income/money can effect support payments. He explains that in situations where one spouse possesses a substantially larger estate compared to the other, the question of how it impacts spousal and child support often arises. The court takes into consideration each party’s ability to financially support themselves and their children. If one spouse possesses significant assets that generate income, such as investments or stock options, the court will consider these factors when determining a fair and equitable support arrangement. The court aims to ensure that support is calculated in a manner that reflects the financial resources available to each spouse, including any intangible assets or income-generating opportunities.

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