5 Key Online Video Services for Law Firms

1. Q&A Interviews with Lawyers

  • Educates clients about the law
  • Allows clients to “meet” you
  • Positions you as an experienced and leading attorney in your areas of practice
  • Positions your firm – what sets your firm apart? What are your firm’s areas of concentration?
  • Triple exposure on your web site, ReelLawyers.com and YouTube
  • All videos optimized to enhance viewership

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2. Remote Video-on-Demand


Expedited editing and posting of videos

Easy Scheduling

Lawyers just click a link anytime they want to film an interview

Low Cost video

$199/mo then $150 per video


Lawyers can be interviewed from the office or home

Now your firm can be the first to comment on court decisions, legislative actions and legal trends. Perfect for client alerts, blogs and practice area videos. Great for client testimonial videos too.

The Secret -- High definition remote video technology eliminates the need for on-site videographer.

3. Video-Based Website Development

  • We film an extensive interview with you first, then develop the website based on the content from your interview.
  • Greatly speeds up the web development process
  • Involves much less time of your time
  • Website content is more authentic and in line with your practice because it comes from you, not a web developer.
  • Website has the power of video behind it from day one

4. High End, Documentary-Style Video About Your Firm

5. Profile Page Videos for Larger Firms

  • Other than the home page, the most visited page on a law firm website is the lawyer profile page.
  • If you have ten or more lawyers who need profile page videos, we can help.
  • We film three to four profile videos per hour.
  • We’ve filmed profile videos for mid-size firms with more than 50 lawyers.

Use Video to Meet More Clients

If a potential client meets you, do they hire you?

Once a client meets you, the odds are they will hire you, right? If that’s the case, your mission is clear: meet more potential clients.

But you’re too busy practicing law to do that. That’s where video comes in.

Video gives you leverage. While you’re practicing law, video allows clients to get to know you and see your expertise and experience demonstrated.

If your website doesn’t have video, it’s letting you down.

The purpose of your website is to sell you. You’re a lawyer, but don’t forget, to clients, you’re the product. Study after study finds that when people watch video pertaining to a product or service, they are almost twice as likely to make a purchasing or hiring decision.

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