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With over 40 years of legal experience in Los Angeles, Robert W. Eisfelder is a seasoned attorney specializing in Family Law. His practice covers a wide range of areas, including divorce, support disputes, custody issues, pre/post nuptial agreements, domestic partnerships, and post-divorce modifications or disputes. Mr. Eisfelder focuses on cases involving significant estates and matters that require in-depth handling of support, custody, and property division.

Known for his exceptional trial skills, unwavering dedication, and remarkable success, Mr. Eisfelder has built a stellar reputation within the legal community. While operating a boutique-sized law firm, he also serves as of counsel to Stanley K Jacobs of Jacobs & Jacobs LLP. Stanley K Jacobs has extensive experience representing consumers in various aspects of tort litigation.

Together, Mr. Eisfelder and Mr. Jacobs provide comprehensive legal services, combining their expertise to deliver effective representation and achieve favorable outcomes for their clients.

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