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Property Division Issues: If community property is divided 50/50, how can property division be so complicated?

Los Angeles, CA family law attorney Robert W. Eisfelder talks about the difficulties in diving property in a divorce and why it’s not as simple as 50/50.

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People ask me often, “Why is it so complicated to get into a dissolution? Everything’s 50/50. It should be easy.” Sometimes that’s true. Other times there are issues over the value of businesses where appraisers can differ as to the value. There can be separate and community property interests in California that need to be analyzed. Yesterday I wrote an article for Forbes about the Bezos dissolution, and in that article I complimented the parties and their lawyers because they were able with dignity to resolve their case that could’ve been an awful situation for everyone. That’s our goal here, to try to get cases resolved, but if we have to try them we know our way around the courtroom and we are effective in that regard.

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