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Daryl is an exceptional commercial trial lawyer, renowned for his consistent success in securing multi-million dollar verdicts against some of the largest law firms in the nation. His remarkable achievement of winning Arizona’s most significant jury verdict in a given year has elevated him to the ranks of the most esteemed attorneys in the Western region. His reputation shines brightly, preceding his name wherever he goes.

When you engage with Daryl as a client, you will immediately recognize his deep-seated care and respect for your concerns. However, do not be misled by his constant smile and enthusiastic approach to your case.

In the face of his opponents, Daryl transforms into an unwavering force, blending aggression and relentlessness with erudition and masterful tact. He fearlessly confronts the mightiest firms in America, undeterred by their size, intimidation tactics, or vast financial resources. Meeting his gaze, they swiftly grasp the impending battle ahead.

With over four decades of experience, Daryl boasts an AV-rating as a trial lawyer, earned through his expertise and prowess in the field. He has skillfully navigated through more than 100 jury trials, covering a broad range of commercial litigation matters, including contracts, real estate, securities fraud, construction defects, antitrust, unfair trade practices, and insurance bad faith.

Additionally, Daryl holds the esteemed position of a senior fellow within the exclusive Litigation Counsel of America. Membership in this invitation-only trial lawyer honorary society is restricted to a mere half of one percent of American lawyers, further underscoring Daryl’s exceptional standing within the legal community.

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