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What is a National Interest Waiver and EB-1A?

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sure so generally speaking throughout

the entire U.S immigration system it’s

generally impossible for an individual

to initiate a process by themselves if

you’re getting married you have to have

a U.S citizen petitioner if you are

trying to get a green card in the United

States through your employment

and almost every conceivable scenario

you have to have an employer petition

for you but for certain high-skilled

individuals or certain individuals who

have a really unique set of skills that

can contribute to the well-being of the

United States and whose skills are such

that they don’t really represent a

threat to the U.S labor market

there’s two types of immigrant-based

employment immigration processes that

people can start by themselves that’s

the eb-1a process for uh individuals of

extraordinary ability and then there’s

the national interest waiver which are

for people who have advanced degrees

which means a master’s degree or higher

and who can demonstrate that they will

have a prospective positive benefit on

the U.S economy and won’t endanger U.S

workers now the eb-1 case those are

usually preferred uh because they are in

so-called first preference cases which

means that category is seldom if ever

subject to Visa quotas a national

interest waiver is a is a second

preference based case which for certain

uh people from countries namely India

and China there is a Visa backlog there

but even getting a national interest

waiver approved and having an approved

i-140 if you’re a person from India or

China that would enable you to to extend

your H1B status in the United States

beyond the statutory maximum of six

years until the Visa bulletin catches up

to your priority date so these are

immensely valuable

options for people who have advanced

degrees or for people who have truly

excelled in their fields to you know

take their Destiny by the horns and file

their own case instead of having to

consistently rely on an employer

petitioner foreign

Philadelphia, PA immigration attorney Alex G. Isbell explains what a National Interest Waiver and EB-1A are.

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