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What are some of the most common and important types of immigration waivers?

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well waivers exist for people whose

personal or immigration histories mean

that they would otherwise be deemed

inadmissible to the United States so you

couldn’t get a visa to come in or if

you’re in the United States trying to

apply for a green card without the

waiver you wouldn’t be able to do that

so I would say that the most common

types of waivers that we encounter in

our office are for people who have been

deemed to have engaged in material fraud

or misrepresentation we also deal with

waivers for people that have certain

types of criminal histories both of

those waivers rely on demonstrating to

the appropriate decision maker that you

have certain relatives in the United

States that will experience extreme

hardship if you’re unable to complete

the immigration process we also deal

with waivers for unlawful presence we

deal with waivers related to individuals

who have had J-1 visas in the past two

Who are ineligible to get H-1B visas L

visas or green cards because of

something called the two-year home

residency requirement there really

aren’t any waiver types that we wouldn’t

be able to assist folks in

um in pursuing now not everyone

qualifies for a waiver but it’s

important to consult with a qualified

immigration attorney if you’ve been told

that you need a waiver to make sure that

you qualify and to find the best

possible path forward in a case that is

otherwise stalled because of of a

personal history or a criminal history


Philadelphia, PA immigration attorney Alex G. Isbell talks about the most common and important types of immigration waivers.

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