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well when I went to law school I was uh

fresh off of an internship with the U.S

Department of State I had just returned

from overseas from being a Fulbright

scholar I taught middle school for two

years and then I found myself in law


and quickly realized that the reality of

of being what’s known as a public

international law lawyer somebody who’s

drafting treaties or or

um you know representing the US

government as an attorney overseas

not not a realistic career goal uh but I

found immigration law in my first year

of law school and realized that it it

kind of played all of the same notes and

it had an added benefit of benefiting

individual people benefiting individual

families and frankly I I became enamored

with the practice of immigration law

because it seemed like I would be in a

position to make profound changes in

individuals lives with my skill and uh

I’m honored to do that I’ve never lost

sight of the fact that what we do at our

firm uh changes the lives of our clients

and in fact it has a multi-generational

effect on on families similarly in the

employment-based context you know

immigration lawyers help small

businesses and even larger businesses

realize their their goals of building a

strong business building a successful

business and so when I talked to my

colleagues who practice law in other

areas the one thing that I always leave

those conversations with is a real sense

of pride

um and a sense of Honor that you know

when I file a case or when I win a case

this is changing someone’s life it’s not

some kind of incremental difference

between how two businesses negotiate

with one another this isn’t a situation

where you know the property line at

someone’s house moves 15 feet in One

Direction uh what what we do as

immigration attorneys uh has a direct

impact on people’s lives we we save

people’s lives in the Asylum process we

enable entrepreneurs to fulfill the

American dream and that part of the

process to me is has always been just

extraordinarily rewarding


I think that as an immigration attorneys

we have a heightened responsibility to

just be absolutely clear and absolutely

honest with our clients about what is

possible what is not possible and the

the correct or most prudent path to get

from a place of not having status to a

place of having status or a place of

needing an employee to be able to

actually hire that employee so I

approach my practice from a standpoint


you know not making this into a

situation where I’m a Salesman I’m an

attorney I’m a counselor at law and I

take the obligation to provide people

with straightforward clear advice very

seriously and that means that sometimes

I can’t do anything for someone and that

means that sometimes someone walks out

of my office but I’d rather sleep well

at night knowing that I told someone

the truth uh then made a sale and I

think that that is something that is

really absolutely important to me as an

immigration attorney because of the

impact that choosing to hire an attorney

can have on on someone’s life or their


Philadelphia, PA immigration attorney Alex G. Isbell shares why he became a lawyer and the philosophy that guides his work.

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