Weapons Violations Attorney in Saugus, Massachusetts

When can a person use a firearm in self-defense?

Saugus, MA firearms attorney Jason A. Guida explains the circumstances under which someone can use their firearm in self-defense.

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Self-defense law in Massachusetts is tricky. We have very strict standards and rules about when it is appropriate to use deadly force or the threat of deadly force. Individuals need to be cautious to never use excessive force. You can only use as much force as necessary. Individuals in Massachusetts also have to remember that we have a duty to retreat. What that means is, when you’re outside your home, you have to take all measures to run away to avoid conflict and not escalate a situation. Our clients hire us to help them navigate the criminal justice system. Individuals should know that if they do use their firearm in a self-defense situation, there’s a strong likelihood that law enforcement’s gonna be involved. And our clients should know that if police come, they’re coming to investigate an issue, not to take your side, and you should always consult with an attorney before you speak with law enforcement when you’re involved in a self-defense incident.

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