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Meet Jason Guida

Saugus, MA firearms attorney Jason A. Guida talks about the philosophy of his practice as well ans his background & experience.

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The most important philosophy for our firm is to be honest with the clients. We’re not always gonna tell you what you wanna hear, but we’re definitely gonna be honest with you and tell you the truth. Firearms matters are difficult. Licensing cases are hard. We’re gonna be truthful and honest because we value success. Our clients want us to be successful, we wanna be successful, when we’re successful we have happy clients.

My background in firearms laws goes back almost 20 years. I worked in the Massachusetts State Legislature. I was directly involved in some of the reforms that happened in 2004 to the firearms laws. After that, I became a prosecutor. I handled largely firearms-related matters as well as gun and drug prosecutions. I formerly served as the Director of the Firearms Records Bureau. That’s the agency that oversees firearms licensing in the State of Massachusetts. I’ve been in private practice almost a decade. My entire practice is entirely focused on licensing, restoration of rights. I help firearms dealers with both state and federal firearms issues, and I help individuals who run afoul of the firearms laws and are being prosecuted in both state and federal court.

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