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How can you help me obtain a firearm license?

Saugus, MA firearms attorney Jason A. Guida talks about how he helps clients through the the hurdles of obtaining a firearms license.

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Firearms licensing is not always easy. Massachusetts puts a bunch of pitfalls and hurdles before people, trying to get their license either for the first time or for a renewal. Things that we work on is ensuring that, number one, that the application is completed correctly. A wrong answer in the application can result in a denial. Can also result in criminal charges. We wanna make sure that we do a full background check on our clients. We wanna discuss issues that come up during that check and make sure that the application is prepared appropriately. We also wanna look out for licensing restrictions. We wanna make sure that our clients get the licenses that they apply for, a license that allows them to carry their firearms for all lawful purposes, and not for simple – simply for target or hunting purposes.

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