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I had a truck accident case where my client suffered a pretty severe injury. And as with all truck collision cases, sometimes it’s difficult to get the information out of the trucking company, whether they’re changing names and whatever the employment agreements they may have with their drivers. It can be very difficult to recover that information. In this specific case, we had the defendants claiming the collision occurred in a different area of the highway, claiming that it was not their fault. And we had to go through quite a bit of discovery in order to get the proof we needed and eventually be able to make a recovery that compensated our client for the neck and back and shoulder injuries that he suffered in that collision.

Seattle, WA personal injury lawyer Nicholas Lapore talks about a memorable trucking accident case in which he was able to get justice for his injured client. He explains that I handled a truck accident case that involved a client who sustained significant injuries. Truck collision cases often pose challenges when it comes to obtaining information from the trucking companies. They may attempt to change names or have complex employment agreements with their drivers, making it difficult to retrieve crucial details. In this particular case, the defendants argued that the collision occurred in a different section of the highway, absolving themselves of responsibility.

To establish liability and secure proper compensation for our client’s neck, back, and shoulder injuries resulting from the collision, we engaged in an extensive discovery process. This involved gathering evidence and conducting investigations to obtain the necessary proof. Despite the defendants’ attempts to avoid accountability, we persevered and were eventually able to obtain the evidence needed to support our client’s claim. As a result, we achieved a recovery that adequately compensated our client for the injuries suffered in the accident.

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