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Head Injuries: The Case of the Faulty Stairs

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The case is a slip and fall case where my client was coming out of a business. And the stairs were not built up to code. They did not have any nonslip surfaces. There was a nonconforming handrail. As my client was coming out in the rain, he slipped, striking his head and sliding down the stairs.

He was a successful man who was no longer able to do his job. He tried and failed. He’d been a very high-performing employee and was no longer able to do that. So part of that case was showing not only the damages he suffered as far as his lost wages as well as his pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life due to the head injury, but also being able to show that the stairs were nonconforming and that the ultimate cause was the fact that the stairs were built poorly. And in that case, we were able to make a significant recovery such that I was able to compensate my client for the rest of his life.

Seattle, WA personal injury lawyer Nicholas Lapore talks about a memorable head injury case in which he got lifelong compensation for his client. He explains that this case involves a slip and fall incident where my client was exiting a business. The stairs leading out of the establishment were not constructed according to the required building codes. They lacked nonslip surfaces and had a nonconforming handrail. Unfortunately, as my client stepped onto the rain-soaked stairs, he slipped, hitting his head and sliding down.

My client was previously a successful individual who excelled in his job. However, following the accident, he became unable to perform his duties. This was a significant blow for someone who had always been a high-performing employee. In this case, it was crucial to demonstrate the damages suffered by my client, including lost wages, pain and suffering, and the loss of enjoyment of life resulting from the head injury. Additionally, it was important to establish that the poorly constructed stairs were the primary cause of the incident. By successfully proving these factors, we were able to secure a substantial recovery that will provide compensation for my client throughout his lifetime.

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