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The philosophy that would guide my work as a lawyer would be part compassion for my clients and understanding what they’ve gone through and also a tenaciousness and always feeling like a bit of an underdog. At any law firm, when you’re dealing with personal injury cases, you’re going up against insurance companies that are much more well-funded that are going to have lots of resources. And here at our firm, one of the things we pride ourselves on is not only having the resources to fight the battle for our clients, but also the tenaciousness to do so while also understanding what they’re going through and having compassion for how this – these injuries have affected their lives.

My approach when dealing with an insurance company is likened to raising a puppy in that you need to be tough but fair, set boundaries, and enforce them. When I deal with an insurance company, I tell them what I’m gonna do and then I do that. So they know what’s coming and they understand that I’m not somebody who is going to try and bluff my way out of something. Here at our firm, it’s very important that we take every case very seriously and do everything we can to make a recovery for our clients. And part of that is building a trust with the insurance companies where they know when we say we’re gonna do something, that we will do it.

Seattle, WA personal injury lawyer Nicholas Lapore talks about his approach the the practice and dealing with insurance companies. He explains that as an attorney, my guiding philosophy revolves around compassion for my clients and a tenacious spirit, which stems from my innate sense of being an underdog. When handling personal injury cases, it’s common to face well-funded insurance companies equipped with extensive resources. However, at our firm, we take pride not only in our own resources to fight on behalf of our clients but also in our unwavering determination to understand their experiences and show compassion for how their injuries have impacted their lives.

When interacting with insurance companies, I adopt an approach similar to raising a puppy. It involves being firm yet fair, establishing clear boundaries, and enforcing them consistently. I communicate my intentions clearly to the insurance company and then follow through on those promises. This approach ensures that they are aware of what to expect and understand that I am not someone who resorts to bluffing. At our firm, we treat every case with the utmost seriousness and strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Building trust with insurance companies is an essential part of this process, so they can rely on our word and understand that we are true to our commitments.

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