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Pedestrian Accidents: Woman Hit by Car, Suffers Catastrophic Injuries

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A pedestrian accident that comes to mind is my client, as an older woman, had a walk signal. As she entered the crosswalk, a vehicle was turning right on red. It hit her at a low speed and pulled her under the tire rather than pushing her off, caused catastrophic damages, put her in the intensive care unit for over six weeks. She was a very hard worker and she eventually made a full recovery minus some loss of mobility in her leg. And in that case, they – the driver denied that he was at fault. Eventually, after going through litigation just short of trial, we were able to make a recovery not only from the driver’s insurance, but had the driver come out of his own pocket in order to make the case – make sure the case got resolved in a way that compensated my client.

Seattle, WA personal injury lawyer Nicholas Lapore talks about a catastrophic pedestrian accident case and how he was able to help the family of the victim. He explains that one particular pedestrian accident that stands out involved my elderly client. She had the right of way and was crossing the street with a walk signal when a vehicle making a right turn on red collided with her. The impact was at a relatively low speed, but unfortunately, the vehicle’s tire rolled over her instead of pushing her aside, resulting in severe injuries. She endured a lengthy stay in the intensive care unit, lasting over six weeks. Despite her resilience and hard work during the recovery process, she experienced some permanent loss of mobility in her leg.

In this case, the driver initially denied any fault for the accident. However, through extensive legal proceedings that fell just short of trial, we were able to secure compensation. Not only did we obtain a recovery from the driver’s insurance, but we also compelled the driver to contribute from his personal funds to ensure a satisfactory resolution for my client.

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