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Los Angeles, CA complex litigation attorney Raymond Boucher talks about what’s vital to find in an auto defect case.

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The most challenging thing about handling an auto defect case is the engineering and the science, and making sure that you obtain the documentation and information that’s necessary in order to prove the case. It’s no secret that major automobile manufacturers hide documents, try to inundate lawyers with massive amounts of documents so that you can’t find what we call the smoking gun, the document that shows the decision makers, and how they made the decision to put profits over people, how decisions were made to take shortcuts.

Shortcuts are always something that is likely to result in a safety issue, safety concern, and when you take a shortcut, you’re making a decision for somebody else. I bought your car. I bought your car, because I believed it was an automobile that was going to work. It was going to work safely. I’m gonna be driving it across country, I may be driving it at high rates of speed in a variety of different types of circumstances and conditions.

And so, when you, as a manufacturer, make a decision that you’re gonna save a little bit of money and to make this thing cheaper or less safe, you’re really putting my life in your hands, and you’re taking a risk and a chance on my life. And the difficult thing is to try to find those documents and that information that helps you prove that aspect of the case, but that typically is what the reality is.

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