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Los Angeles, CA complex litigation attorney Raymond Boucher talks about a specific case involving a young man electrocuted by high voltage wires on a construction job.

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And we recently handled a case on behalf of a young man who was working on a job site. He had to go up above a bridge, and when he did, he was in a lift, there was an arc in a high voltage wire above, and he was electrocuted, and he’ll never work again in his life. He’s lucky to be alive, and so profoundly injured.

When we get into the case, and it’s a lot of hard work, because there’s a ton of documents, and a ton of finger pointing by everybody, and the reality is when we get into the case, and you look at the facts, what we found out was that high voltage line could have been turned off with a flick of a switch. There’s no reason for it to be energized, because it didn’t serve any particular purpose, and yet, there was such a desire to get this thing done, and move the project along, and to finish the construction that people put safety to the side.

And when you put safety to the side, people get hurt, and in this case, this young man was profoundly injured, and he’s an incredible young man. He’s a wonderful kid, but his life has been altered; he’ll never work again.

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