Products Liability Attorney in Woodland Hills, California

Product Liability

Los Angeles, CA complex litigation attorney Raymond Boucher talks about working on different types of product liability cases.

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People often call us about product liability cases, and it’s a wide variety and a very broad area to practice in. I just recently tried a hip cases involving a metal on metal hip. We went to trial and got a significant verdict on behalf of our client. That’s our product liability case. It’s a product that is defective, that isn’t manufactured or produced correctly, it wasn’t tested enough.

A lot of the pharmaceutical cases are product liability cases. We handle a lot of cases involving automobiles that are defective and cause accidents or injuries to people. A product liability case is cases that we handle are typically profoundly injured, catastrophically injured people, or a case that involves a broad range of individuals, where you can change the behavior of the manufacturer of that product, and ensure better safety for the public.

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