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Clothing Burn Cases

Los Angeles, CA complex litigation attorney Raymond Boucher talks about cases where certain clothing items are mis-labeled resulting in severe burning on the skin and scarring for life.

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One of the most profound injuries that people can have is a burn injury, and when it occurs with clothing, it’s something that people can’t ever get over completely in life. The thing is that too many articles of clothing are mislabeled, so it’s supposed to be a cotton shirt, but it’s really not a cotton shirt. It’s a cotton-nylon shirt, and cotton and nylon, they burn differently. The characteristics are different.

So, when you combine them, you have a shirt that goes up very quickly, but also melts to the body, to the skin, and that causes severe, severe injuries. And so, a lot of the clothing burn cases are cases involving products that are mislabeled or negligently manufactured, and that should never have caused the type of burn that the victim suffered through, and will suffer through, in terms of the scars, for the rest of their lives.

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