Mastering the Courtroom Attorney in Manhattan Beach, California

Mastering the Courtroom: What’s it take to be successful in the courtroom?

Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Dave Ring talks about his interesting ways of trying cases.

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To me, I’ve tried a lot of cases in my career, and there’s three things that I think are incredibly important for a person to be a successful trial lawyer and three things that I always keep in mind. Preparation. Preparation is crucial. My goal is to be the most prepared lawyer in that court room, and that goes a long way. And trials are overwhelming in the amount of moving parts and facts and things you have to remember, and preparation is crucial, and that’s why we have a great firm here with a lot of support staff and a lot of great lawyers that make sure we’re the most prepared people in the court room. The other two things that are incredibly important to being a great trial lawyer – you have to be very quick on your feet. Trials are not scripted. All sorts of unusual things happen, and some people are quick on their feet, and some people aren’t, and you’ve gotta be quick on your feet and make decisions in an instant, and I’m really good at that, and I pride myself on that. And then finally, I think the third thing that is really important is you have to be a risk-taker, and we’re risk-takers at this firm. We’ll take on cases and trials that other people won’t, and even during the trial, we’ll take risks, develop theories, question witnesses in certain ways that other lawyers wouldn’t do, because they’re not comfortable doing it, and that’s why we win cases that, frankly, we shouldn’t win or that other people have rejected. We take on these tough cases, and we develop theories, and we pursue them, and we have no fear of the courtroom.

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