Slip & Fall Premises Liability Attorney in Manhattan Beach, California

Premises Liability

Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Dave Ring talks about a tragic case involving the death of a young man.

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An important premises liability case that I handle in the past – it was a tragic case, but it shows you that all sorts of premises can be dangerous, and this happened to be at an apartment complex in Los Angeles, and it had one of those interior courtyards, and they were doing a construction or remodeling project on the exterior walkways on the second and third floors. And so they had taken some of the railings off of these walkways and replaced them with yellow tape, and it was only in a very small area. And one night, this gentleman in his twenties was visiting a friend there, and it’s nighttime, and he’s on the second floor, and he’s walking to his friend’s apartment, and he naturally reaches out to put his hand on what he thinks should be a railing, only it’s a piece of yellow tape. And he loses his balance because there’s no railing there, and he tragically falls to his death to the courtyard below. And so we sued that apartment complex for premises liability, and we were able to obtain a substantial settlement for that family for the loss of their son.

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