Advice from a Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney in Manhattan Beach, California

Advice to Clients: What one piece of advice do you repeatedly give to clients?

Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Dave Ring gives strong advice beneficial to clients he works with.

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I think what’s really important advice that I always give to people who are – where something traumatic has just happened to them or a family member is consult a civil lawyer like me right away. Don’t wait. There’s witnesses out there that can be found right away. There’s key evidence out there that can be found right away. We found video tapes, surveillance tapes right away that would be gone if we had been hired months later. And then the other thing is during the case itself, the advice I always give to clients is don’t live your life around your lawsuit. If you do, you’re gonna be sorely disappointed at the end. You have to make decisions that are best for you, and you have to trust us to make the decisions that are best for your lawsuit. And if you’re living your life where every decision you make is, “How’s this impact my lawsuit?” it’s not gonna turn out well for you.

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