Motorcycle Accidents Attorney in Manhattan Beach, California

Motorcycle Accidents

Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Dave Ring talks about a tragic motorcycle accident case.

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Well in California, motorcycles are everywhere, and they have what’s called lane-splitting in California, where, because the freeways are so congested, it is legal for motorcycles to drive up the middle of two lanes, and so you see a lot of accidents that occur that way, and those are hotly-contested cases. But there’s one motorcycle accident that will always stick out in my mind, because the client was so important to me. You know, everyone wants to blame the motorcycle rider all the time. “Ah, you’re on a motorcycle. It’s gotta be your fault.” Well this particular kid – he was in his twenties – he did nothing wrong. He was following the law, driving straight, under the speed limit, and this lady, who was in an SUV, turned left right in front of him for some unexplained reason, and he suffered horrific injuries, maybe some of the worst injuries I’ve ever seen. Well this lady had a $100,000.00 insurance policy, and I’ll tell you what. Most lawyers would’ve taken it. But what we did was we dug deeper, and we really pursued the case, and after a lot of litigation and investigation, we determined that that car was owned by a company. Her husband was the president of the company. It was a Korean shipping company. So the car was owned by this Korean shipping company. The husband let his wife use it, and she had failed her DMV driving test three times in the past three months. She had no business driving a car in California, and we were able to make a huge recovery from that Korean shipping company, because we proved that they negligently entrusted that vehicle to an unfit driver.

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