Harassment in the Workplace Attorney in Fairfax, Virginia

What should I do if my boss is making me feel uncomfortable by being too personal?

Fairfax, VA employment attorney John C. Cook talks about sexual harassment in the workplace.

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Sexual harassment is a difficult issue and a serious one. If your boss or a coworker are making sexual advances, or talking about your looks or your movements in a sexual way and that is affecting your ability to do your job, then you should go to your human resources department or you should go to your supervisor and make a complaint and ask that it be stopped. And there is a very gray line between what is sort of maybe harmless banter and what becomes a violation of the law. If on an objective basis, if the average person would say hey, this is wrong and it’s affecting you subjectively, and it is happening often and it is significant, not just sort of something minor, that’s sexual harassment and you should make a complaint with HR and ask them to stop it.

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