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Fairfax, VA employment and estate attorneys John C. Cook & Christopher T. Craig talk about their firm and what one should look for in hiring an attorney.

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Employment law is complicated. It’s often counterintuitive. Sometimes people think they have rights that they really don’t have under the law, and sometimes you have rights that you don’t know about. So if something bad has happened to you in the workplace and you want to know whether or not you have a legal claim, come let one of our lawyers help analyze your situation for you. You don’t have to take the employer’s word for it, and don’t make assumptions either good or bad about what rights you might have. These are complicated laws and that’s why lawyers need to analyze those laws for you, and we’re here to help.

Well essentially you’re going to be looking for two things. One is you want to have trust with a lawyer, and oftentimes the way you can have your own sense of comfort and trust is through a referral. If you were to ask your friends, folks that might have been in the same situation. Maybe if you’re looking for an estate planning attorney and you find out from folks that you trust who they used and whether they like that. That’s going to be a great first start. Searching for attorneys on the internet and otherwise is also a good first step, but a lot of times if you can couple that with a personal referral you’re going to get a certain level of comfort. But that’s not the end.

I think the next point is when you go into the attorney’s office and have an initial consultation, not only are they asking you questions and getting comfortable with you, but you should be asking them questions and getting comfortable with them. They way their office operates, their billing practices, as well as the substance of your matter that you’re bringing to them. You should be able to walk out of that initial consultation feeling comfortable that you generally know this person and you have a certain level of trust based on an initial consultation, of course.

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