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I have been working 50-hour weeks lately. Am I entitled to additional pay?

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Some employees are entitled to overtime pay and some are not. If you are exempt, which usually means you are a supervisor of other employees, or you’re a highly ranked salaried employee, where you are a professional, an attorney, an accountant, then you are probably exempt and you do not get overtime. But if you are a staff member, if you do support work, if you do not manage other people, then you are entitled to overtime. That is time and a half pay for hours over 40 in a workweek. Many employers try to tell you that oh, you are salaried and therefore you do not get overtime. That is wrong. Unless you meet the narrow exemptions you’re entitled to overtime pay even if you receive a salary.

Fairfax, VA employment attorney John C. Cook explains about how overtime pay works.

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