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What advice do you have for clients who are in a franchise dispute?

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well the advice really applies at least

on certain levels to both franchisors

and fight franchisees so the first thing

is you want to make sure that you’ve got

all your documents and counselor wants

to see all the documents they want to

see all the emails they want to see all

the communications everything that each

side has that may relate to the

possibility of a dispute that’s crucial

you want to make sure you’ve got

access to all of that we also tell uh

both sides but particularly franchisees

do not be in default franchisees may say

why do i have to keep paying the royalty

i have these guys haven’t done anything

for me and we always say

pay the royalties you want to be wearing

the white hat not a gray hat and

certainly not a black hat no defaults

and then the last and probably the most

important thing we say is

if you can find a way to resolve this

dispute pursue it whether it’s

negotiating or mediating try to avoid

getting into litigation or arbitration


there’s no turning back once you do that

it’s time it’s money and there’s no

certainty you’re not in control of

whether you win or lose there’s going to

be an arbitrator or a judge or a jury

making that decision so if there is a

reasonable way to settle settle

New York, NY franchise law attorney Richard L. Rosen shares his advice for clients who are in a franchise dispute.

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