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What is the difference between a franchisee’s market and territory?

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the territory is an exclusive area

that the franchisor provides to the

franchisee and most franchise agreements

have them but not all but it may be even

for a single franchisee it may be three

miles from uh radius from your location

a market is what the franchisor

uh what the franchisee i’m sorry is

actually going to be selling franchises

uh and who is going to be influenced by

that sale so your your territory may

will provide that the franchisor is not

going to open any other units either

company owned or franchised within your

territory but your market may be larger

than your territory you may have a three

mile territory your market may be 10

miles because people may be driving

seven or eight miles away to get to your

gym or whatever whatever it is that

you’re operating so the territory and

the market are

are two different things but incredibly


New York, NY franchise law attorney Richard L. Rosen explains the difference between a franchisee’s market and territory.

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