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law firm is different than most and uh

in the franchising field and the reason

is is that most uh franchise lawyers

specialize in one area or the other

they’re either on the franchisor side or

the franchisee side and then they’re

usually primarily either litigators or

transactional folks we are on both sides

i started out as a franchisor lawyer i

became a franchisee lawyer as well after

about seven or eight years so we

represent both franchisors and

franchisees and we also handle

all transactional matters and uh

litigations uh arbitrations as well so

we represent uh all four sides of the

spectrum and that’s really what sets us

apart from a typical franchise lawyer

well if you’re going to be

looking to hire a lawyer certainly you

want to find somebody that has a a

reputation for being uh as knowledgeable

as you can uh envision in the particular

field so that’s that’s key and if it’s

franchise law you want to know whether

they are experienced on the franchisee

side or the franchisor side or both

depending on who you are

but when i come down to the really key

thing that i always tell a client i say

there are good lawyers

but what you want to do is make sure

that the lawyer that you hire is

somebody that you’re comfortable with

somebody that when you’ve had an

opportunity to talk with uh with that

lawyer that he or she makes you feel

comfortable that you can talk to them

there are some lawyers that don’t have

that particular talent but it’s crucial

for the client

New York, NY franchise law attorney Richard L. Rosen discusses what makes his firm different from others and what tone should look for in hiring a franchise lawyer.

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