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What services do you provide to franchisee associations?

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the franchisee association is a group of

franchisees that band together uh so

that they can uh coalesce and share

information uh sometimes it has to do

with disputes with the franchisor but

not always primarily what we do is we we

help the group form we help the leaders

try to understand how they can uh bring

people in we give them advice as to how

they can associate with the other

franchisees we tell them what is likely

to be a reasonable percentage of

ownership of franchisees that you need

to have a successful corporation if you

have 100 people and you have two

franchisees it’s not necessarily going

to work we try to shoot for maybe

between 35 and 50

and then we explain to them how they can

fund it we explain to them what the


issues are that they might want to


and then we put together all the

documents that you need to set up the

organization including

how voting takes place how decisions are


if there’s money involved how do you put

money in is it by person or by unit and

then if there’s a litigation and there’s

money recovered how is that shared not

everybody has the same interest so we

try to take all the issues that we can

and explain to the prospective

franchisee members how how everything


New York, NY franchise law attorney Richard L. Rosen talks about the services he provides to franchisee associations.

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