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i’ve been practicing law


about eight months

i just started my own law firm one day i

got a call from an old friend of mine

that i had gone to middle school with

his name was ricky typher he said dick i

have a retail store on madison avenue on

67th street it’s called lady madonna we

sell maternity wear people come from all

over and they say boy i’d love to have a

store in beverly hills like this or

dallas or toronto do you know anything

about franchise law i said um well

actually i don’t

but i’ll figure it out

he said

dick if you tell me you’ll figure it out

i believe that you will i set up his

franchising company long long time ago

it was great success and i’ve been a

franchise lawyer ever since

well i’ve been very fortunate uh you

know bill to have been uh we’ve we’ve

won many honors i’ve won many honors in

the franchising field pretty much

everything that you could that you could

win uh i’ve been in the franchise times

legal eagles uh

since it started i’m in the franchise

times uh hall of fame for lawyers who

were uh chosen as legal eagles in the


uh 10 years i’ve been honored as

franchise attorney of the year by about

five or six different franchise venues

uh in the last seven or eight years our

firm has been named as franchise

law firm of the year uh by the global


group uh in 2020 i’ve been very

fortunate to have been uh

named in uh

who’s who in america for about 35 years

and i recently received the

lifetime achievement award from who’s

who in america for having been honored

for so many years i’ve won best

best lawyer of the year uh many times

i’ve been in super lawyers uh for many

years i’ve been in best lawyers in

america for many years we’ve been very

lucky uh there’s pretty much nothing

that we haven’t uh

we haven’t been able to uh to say that

we’ve been

we’ve been honored so uh very fortunate

in that regard

New York, NY franchise law attorney Richard L. Rosen shares why he entered his specific area of law and discusses his honors and credentials.

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