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Complex Litigation

Los Angeles, CA complex litigation attorney Raymond Boucher explains exactly what complex litigation entails.

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Complex litigation is something that’s probably difficult for people to understand, but really, what it means is it’s a piece of litigation that involves difficult issues, difficult management, so the wildfires, right now, we represent victims of the Woolsey wildfires here in Los Angeles. That’s a complex piece of litigation. You have Edison, a major defendant on one side. You have enormous destruction as a result of the negligence of Edison, and you have people that have lost everything; they’ve lost their homes, their keepsakes. Who knows when and if they’ll ever be able to go back to where they used to live. What do I do? Where do I live? Can I rebuild? What’s the insurance issues?

So, that’s what complex litigation means. It means litigation that involves complex issues, a difficult to manage with a wide variety and a large number of people. And I’ve been lead counsel on I don’t know how many different pieces of complex litigation, and/or part of the management of complex litigation for 30-some odd years.

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