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Complex litigation attorney Raymond Boucher talks about what’s unique about his firm as well as how he services all his clients.

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We handle a broad range of cases. I’ve tried anything from securities cases to profoundly injured people, cases involving automobile accidents, pharmaceutical cases, catastrophic injury cases, complex litigation, including things like the Porto Ranch case, or the sexual abuse cases involving the Catholic Church. Sexual harassment and employment discrimination cases – we handle cases on behalf of people who have been injured as a result of the conduct of others, and we’re lucky to have a broad base of experience here in the firm that allows us to take on a broad range of cases in a variety of areas.

I think the one thing that makes our firm different than others, more than anything else, is that we have very much of a family type atmosphere. We care very deeply about our clients, and we have a very collegial relationship and respect with one another, so when people come to us, they’re coming to a firm that is going to handle their case, and handle it as though they’re handling a family member. People here care and care deeply.

No two clients are the same, so some people have issues that they need your help with, and they need it on a regular basis. Others just come to you, they want you to handle the case for them, and then they want to be able to move on with their lives, and so from our standpoint, we look at every person that we represent, and that we’re fortunate enough to represent as a human being that has their own separate set of issues, and concerns, and we try to meet those specific concerns that they have.

I think the most important thing in trying to find a trial lawyer is to find somebody who can tell your story, somebody who can communicate with the jury, and really relate what happened to you, and how it has impacted and affected you. I think to be a trial lawyer takes a lot of hard work, takes a lot of dedication. It takes somebody who’s a tactical individual, who can think through the various aspects of a case, and what it takes to put on that case for a jury.

But I think more than anything else, it’s that person that you can connect with, and that you feel comfortable enough with, that you know that he or she’s gonna be able to tell your story and tell it correctly.

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