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Wrongful Death

Los Angeles, CA complex litigation attorney Raymond Boucher talks about a heartbreaking case he was a part of involving a farmer that was poisoned in a field and his death was claimed wrongful by the courts.

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So, wrongful death cases that we handle can involve any number of problems or issues, but it’s somebody who has lost a loved one or died as a result of the conduct of others. One of the more profound cases that I’ll never forget was a farmworker who was working in the fields that had been sprayed with two different pesticides, and they weren’t supposed to be in the fields, but they didn’t know. They didn’t know that they had been sprayed, and the farm owner, major farm, forced these guys into the field, and they’re picking, and he collapses. And rather than taking him to the clinic down the street, where he would have been treated for organic phosphate poisoning, they dump him into a van, and they drive him hours across the border into Mexico, and dump him off dead at a clinic.

He left a wife and four young children behind. We fought that case for years, but ultimately, we were able to compensate this woman – could never get justice, obviously, for that kind of behavior or conduct, but this woman and her children will be taken care of for the rest of their lives. Wrongful death cases are very difficult cases to handle, because the issues are all unique, but the profound loss is something that you can’t ever overcome.

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