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What advice do you have for business owners facing a lawsuit?

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a business owner who’s facing a lawsuit

the first thing they should do is

contact an attorney that has a specialty

in that area

because if they wait too long they may


harmful missteps they may not take

advantage of things they could do to put

themselves in a position to get a better


i mean sometimes what you can do is

before you actually file a complaint you

may want to send a couple emails or

letters as the case may be

that confirm the facts as you know them

and elicit admissions from the other


there’s just different things each case

but you should from the very beginning

before you start threatening a lawsuit

and getting lawyers involved you should

confidentially speak with an attorney

and get their advice on how to proceed

Santa Ana, CA commercial litigation attorney Dan Callahan shares his advice for business owners facing a lawsuit.

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