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How do you help clients find the right lawyer?

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what i do to help clients

find the right lawyer in their community

in their specialty is first i will have

an in-depth conversation with the client

so i can find out what the client’s

needs are what the dispute is is it a

dispute or is it a transaction that they

need help with first i have to know what

their needs are what their desires are

once i know that and of course i know

where they are and where the appropriate

jurisdiction may be and the jurisdiction

may be where the client is or for legal

reasons it may be somewhere else and

once i figure that out then i go to the

appropriate jurisdiction i find what i

think are three of the best lawyers in

that community to handle that type of

case and then i will interview all three

of them i’ll check out their websites of

course but i want to personally

interview them and make sure they can


all the work involved that it’s not

going to be something passed down to a

junior associate or to a paralegal that

it’s not a mill that just has hundreds

of cases and none of them really being

treated very well you got to make sure

you get the right firm for the right

client then i’ll go back to the client

giving them the three names i’ve

narrowed it down to

make my recommendation and then put that

client in touch with that attorney now i

may also be on that phone call to help

guide the conversation

and then at that point in time the

client will decide which of these

recommended attorneys they would like to


Santa Ana, CA commercial litigation attorney Dan Callahan explains how he helps clients find the right lawyer.

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