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How do you charge for your services?

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well the way i charge for my services

i’m flexible in that regard because

obviously if it’s a personal injury

contingency case

the client does not have the funds to be

able to pay for it so i would take a

negotiated contingency fee

now if it’s a case where their lawyer

calling me

is on an hourly basis

then i’m likely to take a hourly fee

or i may do a hybrid of part contingency

part hourly or i may even do a deferred


which means that i will bill but i will

not be paid until the end result

assuming that i’m representing a

plaintiff if i’m representing a

defendant it’s not a deferred fee i just

try to do the best i can on an hourly


Santa Ana, CA commercial litigation attorney Dan Callahan explains how Callahan Consulting charges for their services.

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