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Record-Setting $50 Million Recovery

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there is a case that i’m very fond of

for the result we got for our clients

it’s called neria versus city of dana

point in that case

i had two women that were jogging in the

bike lane and they got hit by an

uninsured hit-and-run drunk driver

other lawyers looked at the case and

didn’t take it because the only source

of money would be the uninsured drunk

driver who was sentenced to four years

so they saw no way to get money i on the

other hand looked at the scene and i saw

that the bike lane which is supposed to

be roughly four and a half to five feet

wide was 11 feet wide the same width as

a driving lane

and also it didn’t have the markings

bike lane bike lane bike lane that you

see on the side of the road in order to

have a sign

so as this person turned off a one road

onto pch he was not aware that that was

a bike lane what he testified he did he

was behind a truck

and he looked and there’s nobody coming

in the right lane which was a bike lane

and he moved over into the bike lane and

just then he hit these two girls

rendered them quadriplegic i wanted to

help them and what i did is i demanded

the policy of the insurance 50 million


they offered me 30 million dollars

which by the way at that time would have

been the highest personal injury

settlement in the history of the united

states i didn’t know that

but i said no we are not taking a foot

off the pedal i want that 50 and i kept

driving until the friday before the

monday start they said okay 50 million


so we went in we put it on the record uh

on monday i was a 50 million dollar


that money took care of those two

clients very very well they’re still

very good friends of mine and i have

season tickets for the angels and i

often give them tickets you know every

year because they they’re angel fans and

now their life which was just well by

the way it’s a terrible thing should be

hit like that and nobody want to trade

their well-being for the money but since

they’d already lost their well-being

they had the money which allowed them to

buy the homes and take care of their

family etc


it’s the best thing that we could have

done oh by the way i got a call i got a

call the reason i learned is the highest

i get a call from west’s law and they

say hey did you know your case in neria

was the highest personal injury

settlement in the history united states

i said no i didn’t and well do you know

what you have another case that’s the

third highest

so i had one


for dorman it’s called it was 28 million


so it turns out 50 was the highest

there’s one in san francisco for 29

then it was mine for 28. so at that

point in time i had the first and third

highest and i hadn’t been doing pi for

that long i started out as a business

trial lawyer i only switched to pi after

about 20 years and now i do pi and


Santa Ana, CA commercial litigation attorney Dan Callahan shares the story of his record-Setting $50 Million Recovery: Neria v. The City of Dana Point.

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