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Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Dave Ring talks about a case he worked on involving a young man who was severely injured by getting assaulted from firefighters.

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Our firm represents victims of physical assaults, personal injury type of case. We represent a young man who was severely beaten up on a Halloween night, and he’s beaten up while he was walking around in his own neighborhood on Halloween, and he was doing nothing wrong. But there’s some gentlemen having a party on the street. Some of them were off-duty L.A. firemen. They’d been drinking, and for whatever reason, they picked a fight with this kid, and they really – they beat him up severely. One of them almost choked this kid to death, and he almost died. And then these men covered it up. They said that this kid was on drugs, that he was causing trouble, and that they were just protecting themselves. And what’s fascinating about the case is we were able to gather a lot of video evidence. Someone had filmed it on an iPhone. Various people had. And this whole incident went on for about ten minutes, and we were able to find various places, surveillance cameras, and other things that had picked up bits and pieces of this incident, and we were able to piece all of that together to show what really happened that night and to show that our client’s story was the truth. And because of that, we were able to get this victim of this serious beating a significant settlement that was really important to his life and his wellbeing.

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