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Approach to the Practice: What philosophy guides your work as a lawyer?

Los Angeles, CA personal injury attorney Dave Ring talks about his passion for being a winner.

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Personally, for me, I have two philosophies that really drive me when I handle my cases. One, I hate to lose. I hate losing. And the second thing is I hate bullies. In our types of cases, those things really motivate me, and so I’m a sore loser, and I do everything I can not to lose, and so every case is super important to me and meaningful to me, because I wanna do the client right and I wanna deliver justice for that client. And that means I have to work hard on every single case to win. The other thing that really motivates me is I do not like bullies, and a lot of times insurance companies and the defendant – it could be a corporation, a school district, whoever it is – they can be intimidating, and they try to bully victims into low settlements, and they try to intimidate them into walking away from their case. I won’t stand for that. I’ll stand up to them. I’ll fight for the client, and I’ll turn the tables on those bullies.

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