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What Positives Came from the Abigail Taylor Case?

Minneapolis attorney Robert Bennett talks about the positives of the Abigail Taylor case.

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The positives I think were achieved in the United States Congress, with the passage of the Nancy Graeme Baker Act, which really I think it was the Abbey Taylor Pool Safety Act. That’s what it’s called in Minnesota but the federal act is named after senator, or excuse me, Secretary of State Baker’s grandchild. But that had been dead in the Senate. It got revived, it got made better through the work of Senator Klobuchar and Senator Pryor and some other senators. That got passed and since then, the Abbey’s Hope Charitable Foundation that the Taylor family and we’ve helped some, have gone to the legislature starting with Minnesota and gotten state pool safety acts passed in over 20 states. That has toughened up the drain cover requirements and other requirements for pool safety, so I think that’s the most positive aspect of what came out of the Abbey Taylor case. They did change the American Red Cross lifesaving teaching too to advise the lifeguards how to recognize the problem and what to do when it occurs. So it was broad ranging in the improvements that the case brought about.

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