Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer Attorney in St Paul, Minnesota

Becoming a Lawyer

Saint Paul railroad employee injury attorney William Jungbauer shares how he became a lawyer.

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I’m from a big family and we always did a lot of arguing over everything when I was young. And so I kind of enjoyed that and going to school, I enjoyed politics, I enjoyed the law. And when I first started and an interesting story is when I was young, I applied for a job once I was starting law school with Burlington Northern. And I was talking to one of their vice presidents in their law department and I said, “Do you think I could ever come to work for BN?” And he’s holding a snifter of cognac in his office and he says, “No, you’re not our kind of person.” And I was devastated and now when I look back I’ve collected over $100 million for people who have been injured by railroad people and the nicest thing that ever happened is I didn’t get hired by Burlington Northern and their legal department and I thank God every day for that.

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