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What is Social Security Disability (SSDI)?

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Social Security disability is a long-term disability benefit provided by the government. You’ve had taken from your check an insurance benefit that provides that if you’re unable to perform any gainful employment, then you can apply for and get SSDI. It’s essentially your Social Security retirement being paid early at a slightly higher rate.

Now it’s very challenging to get this benefit, and typically those who are over 50 or 55 have the best opportunity to get this benefit. You need the coordination and support from your physician that you can no longer do your date of disability job, in some case any job at all. But at Atkinson Law Office we do handle and assist some individuals who sustain injuries who can no longer work and help them with their application process for SSDI.

Minnesota Workers’ Comp and Social Security Disability attorney, Tom Atkinson, talks about Social Security Disability (SSDI).

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