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Tell us about a significant workers’ comp case you handled.

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Well, I had a case – I’ve had a lot of significant cases. One that comes to mind is a case where we had a client who sustained a severe brain injury. He got struck on a construction site and he now has the mentality of perhaps like a three-year old. And he doesn’t have a good awareness of those things around him. The wife had been taking care of this individual with the assistance of a PCA for decades, nearly 20 years. In Minnesota when you have a significant injury and a family member is providing family nursing services, you can get compensated for that.

The injured worker is my client, but the injured worker’s wife didn’t feel right getting compensated for that. It took me a couple years to persuade her that it’s not that she is gaming the system, getting something for nothing, that it’s a right and a benefit she should pursue. And we actually pursued this benefit on behalf of our injured worker and we had one of our largest recoveries ever, a two-day settlement for nearly half a million dollars. So it was a very rewarding situation.

And for the claimant’s wife, she sees it as monies that can help her ease towards her retirement because she’s approaching retirement. So it was good to help her relieve the stress of the fear of what’s gonna happen as she gets older herself.

Minnesota Workers’ Comp and Social Security Disability attorney, Tom Atkinson, reflects on a significant case he has handled in workers’ comp.

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