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How should an injured person go about hiring a lawyer?

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Well, before you hire an attorney I think everyone who sustains a workers’ compensation injury in the state of Minnesota should contact an attorney, contact an experience lawyer, because regardless of whether the lawyer has six months of experience or just graduated from law school, or like myself has been doing it nearly a quarter of a century, we all get paid the same thing. We all get – our compensation is based on – essentially on most claims 20 percent of your disputed benefits. The benefits have to be disputed.

Now the consultation to talk to a lawyer doesn’t mean you’re gonna pay us anything. I just think every injured worker owes it to himself or herself to contact an attorney to figure out what rights and benefits they have. Don’t rely on the insurance company or your friends or coworkers to tell you what their experience is. Contact a professional. And I like for injured workers to contact the most experienced attorney they can.

I’m gonna tell you about myself. I have been doing this for nearly a quarter century. I have been a bad guy lawyer, a defense lawyer. I know a lot of secrets that they’re not gonna tell you about. I was an injured worker. So I bring a lot to the table to share with the injured worker. And when you meet with me, my job isn’t to sign you up. My job is to give you the information, and if a dispute arises in the future based upon that information I gave you, then you now have the tools to decide whether or not you should contact a lawyer to hire them.

Minnesota Workers’ Comp and Social Security Disability attorney, Tom Atkinson, discusses how you should go about hiring a lawyer if you have been injured in the workplace.

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