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What are retraining benefits and who is qualified to receive them?

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Retraining benefits are a benefit in our state that provide skill and _____ _____ or actually going back to college. Okay, there’s a wide breadth in the verity of the benefits that are allowed. If you go back to college and the employer insurer have to pay for you to go back to school, they’re gonna provide benefits such as the tuition, the mileage, in some cases even the childcare. You’re gonna get wage continuation throughout your retraining period. There’s typically a cap in our state of up to three years of retraining benefits, but if you can demonstrate that you’ve exhausted job search and you have the aptitude and the interest and the skills to be retrained, you as an injured worker can be retrained in our state.

Minnesota Workers’ Comp and Social Security Disability attorney, Tom Atkinson, discusses retraining benefits.

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