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How much will it cost to hire a workers’ comp lawyer?

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It doesn’t cost anything to meet with an attorney, and to hire a lawyer it also doesn’t cost anything at all, all right? In workers’ compensation you don’t give us a retainer. You’re not gonna write a check when you leave our office to put monies into a trust account. You hire an attorney, and what we do is we simply give you advice until a dispute arises. So you essentially get free legal counsel until the dispute arises, and I like that because then I get to be involved in the claim from the onset rather than having to play catchup. A lot of times injured workers will hire our firm to represent them and there’s nothing in dispute, and that’s okay. A lot of lawyers won’t do that, but we do that because we see that in the vast majority of cases at some point there will be a dispute. And we’re happy to give free advice for months and in some cases years, and then when the case arises where there is a dispute we already have a relationship. We have already seen the case develop over time, so we’re at a huge advantage at that point.

Minnesota Workers’ Comp and Social Security Disability attorney, Tom Atkinson, talks about the cost in hiring a workers’ comp lawyer.

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