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I am an independent contractor – can I receive workers’ comp benefits?

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A lot of people who are independent contractors think that they can’t receive workers’ compensation benefits. That’s a fallacy. If you signed some document that says you’re an independent contractor, it doesn’t make it so. It isn’t the law. You may say that, you may think that. The employer who hires you or makes you sign this document may try and tell you that is a law, but it’s not. We have very specific laws in our state with regard to independent contractors, and we look at the breadth of the facts and the evidence to determine whether or not you are. In some instances there’s a presumption that you’re not an independent contractor, like a roofer or a contractor or a carpenter. Unless you’re registered with the state of Minnesota, it’s often held that you’re not an independent contractor, regardless of any document you’ve signed.

Minnesota Workers’ Comp and Social Security Disability attorney, Tom Atkinson, talks about being an Independent contractor and whether or not you are able to receive workers’ comp benefits.

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